Ainstein’s mid-Range mmWave IoT Sensor for Open Spaces

WAYV Tunnel Monitoring

Ainstein’s Mid-Range mmWave IoT Sensor is an enabler to see up to 300 meters in all weather conditions. This is important for applications such as traffic management, smart intersection control, or outdoor surveillance and security.

WAYV is a mid-range radar module with a high performance radar system and state of the art processing algorithms. WAYV can reliably detect and track vehicles and pedestrians in the most challenging of light and weather conditions.

WAYV is ideal for:


  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Vehicle Recognition
  • Target Counting

Applications include:


  • Transportation Systems
  • Pedestrian Management
  • Surveillance & Security



Radar Expressway management ITS

Tunnel monitoring, improved traffic flow, safety critical event recognition, and even provide insights to help reduce emissions.

Urban Traffic Management

Urban traffic monitoring radar

Enable real-time monitoring of road sections, and areas 24 hours a day

Smart Tracking & Industry

Smart tracking radar smart city

Not only get notified when there’s an emergency, but also keep an accurate count of what’s happening during peak hours.

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