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Other radar companies are at least two to three years behind Ainstein. Startups have been slow to market and are unable to produce at scale, while established companies are slow to adopt the newest technological innovations.
Doosan Bobcat partners with Ainstein to develop radar sensor technology
Doosan Bobcat North America announced it has partnered with Ainstein AI, Inc., a radar technologies company, to develop next-generation vehicle Imaging Radar (K-79) built specifically for self-driving commercial trucks, tractors, specialty vehicles, and other emerging autonomous automobile applications.
At CES, Ainstein showcased how the technology can be used for, among other things, monitoring and managing meeting space in an office environment. The live demo was used for Texas Instruments’ team to manage meetings they were taking with partners at the convention hall during CES.
While the current pandemic continues claiming lives and livelihoods around the world, hoteliers are finding themselves in an unprecedented position as they prepare to help alleviate the risk of COVID-19 transmission through enhanced cleanliness and safety protocols.

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