Why PeopleCount  and Ainstein RoKC!

How Ainstein and peoplecount helped RoKC open their doors safely during COVID-19


Through PeopleCount’s software solution and Ainstein’s mmWAVV radar, tracking the occupancy throughout a venue is now automated. Making it easier for managers to make data-driven decisions in order better optimize space utilization. Aggregated data provides powerful insights to more effectively and efficiently remove friction points in high traffic areas, providing extraordinary protection to society.

3 Challenges RoKC faced


relying on staff to clock people in and out was challenging


relying on staff to clock people in and out was challenging


no automatic way to keep patrons informed about occupancy.

patrons were reluctant

without knowing how many people were at the gym, it was easier to stay home

How Ainstein and PeopleCount Solved the Problem?


Ainstein’s WAYV Air counts people as they enter and exit


fits in the palm of your hand



How PeopleCount got started?

“Facilities that stayed open during the first wave of COVID-19 would only be allowed to maintain a 10% capacity or a similarly small number. In turn, people were sitting in the parking lot calling our front desk and asking how many more people needed to leave before they could go in. So this virtual line was happening through a phone and, due to the pandemic and with so many gyms shutting down, there wasn’t a lot of development support to help keep them open. We realized quickly how much our customers needed something to help provide real-time information on when they could get out and get healthy.”

-Andrew Potter, founding Partner of PeopleCount and RoKC

What Did Ainstein Do Automate PeopleCount?

“The team and I used the publicly available, free, WAYV Air Python API to create an application to count people going in and out of doors, and to relay that information to the cloud. They WAYV Air sends the 3-D position and velocity of the people it detects to our application running on a BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi (though it would work on any computer connected to the internet). The application then processes that data along with a the user-specified location of the door, to determine if a person, or people, went from inside to outside or vice versa. Once the application has determined that, it sends a message to TileFive’s cloud application to tell it if a person came or went, along with which PeopleCount counter should be changed. TileFive’s cloud application then updates the appropriate PeopleCount counter.”

Dave Ochs, Senior Embedded Software Engineer | Ainstein

“At the beginning of the pandemic, our customers were uneasy not knowing how many people were or weren’t in the gym. Now with PeopleCount and Ainstein providing a live view of occupancy trends, they can come and work out comfortably -even bring their kids.”

Andrew Potter, Founding Partner of PeopleCount and RoKC

How it's going at RoKC?

The combination of Ainstein and PeopleCount has allowed the RoKC staff to just do their jobs and not have one more thing to think about. It’s also really helped inform decisions based off of the data they’re seeing. For example, the data informed the RoKC general management make a 30 minute shift adjustment across three facilities -which is an hour and a half of payroll every day. They’re actually increasing revenue because of being able to monitor the occupancy trends. 


What the WAYV Air with peoplecount at RoKC looks like…

LEt us show you the wayv

We invite you to re-invent how radar technology can be deployed to supplement and replace other technologies, as well as how it can enable new applications entirely

Short-Range mmWAVE IoT Sensor

WAYV Air is based on radar sensing technology and features a compact form factor, low cost and power consumption. It’s the ideal sensing module for detecting and tracking people in indoor environments.

About peoplecount

PeopleCount is a free service that enables businesses to track the number of people in their locations and communicate that message to customers through multiple forms, in real time. The service allows customers to simply open your website or social media account to immediately see how busy you are. People Count hopes this will help increase consumer confidence and enable businesses to communicate that they are maintaining awareness of their customer flow.

Radar Altimeter collision avoidance water
FIT & Ainstein

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