Meet with Us at CES and Check Out Our New Product Announcements and Demos

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Ainstein will be at CES 2020, January 7-10 in Las Vegas where we will demo two new mmWave radar modules with breakthrough capabilities. One sensor will function in a variety of overhead stationary applications, the other is specifically designed for the automotive industry. A Texas Instruments’ single-chip millimeter-wave sensor is at the heart of each.

To arrange a demo with Ainstein, please contact or visit us at the Texas Instruments Village at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Suite 115.


About Our Sensor Launch at CES

At CES, Ainstein will introduce a new IoT family of short, mid, and long-range stationary mmWave radar sensors to track people, vehicles, and other objects in a variety of situations and environments. These sensors are ideal in retail, industrial, hospitality, ITS, Smart City and related applications, and address privacy concerns with tracking sensors since they don’t identify specific individuals or use facial recognition software. A demo of the short-range sensor will be available.  

We will also announce a new mmWave radar sensor targeted to the automotive industry designed to improve on the performance of “kick” sensors incorporated into many of today’s SUVs, Trucks, and Minivans.  Hand-in-hand with this announcement, we will also reveal a strategic partnership with a global Tier 1 automotive supplier that will accelerate product development, manufacturing, and distribution of radar sensor technology for this market.  

More information about the new automotive sensor and partnership will be available in the next few days.

We look forward to meeting with you at CES!

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