& Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Paving the way for innovative transportation solutions for smart cities through accurate, reliable and real-time perception of vehicles.

Introduction to Traffic Data and ITS

Upcoming regulations will require complete traffic and safety monitoring for many highways. Although there are a variety of different technologies that offer solutions for this use case, Ainstein’s highly-accurate radar data improves the performance and value of these systems. By integrating both modern radar technologies and processing techniques, Ainstein’s WAYV products can identify complex highway traffic scenarios, enabling new traffic safety applications.

WAYV Pro is an ultra-long-range traffic radar ideal for highway monitoring. These stretches of road have multiple lanes with extremely heavy traffic and are prone to accidents. The data provides information about the evolving traffic situation as well as violations of the applicable regulations, such as speeding.

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Applications include:


  • Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Traffic Guidance
  • Speed Control
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Incident Detection & Management
  • Hazard Identification & Alerts

The Benefits of Traffic Data and ITS


Tunnel monitoring, improved traffic flow, safety critical event recognition, and even provide insights to help reduce emissions.

Urban Traffic Management

Enable real-time monitoring of road sections, and areas 24 hours a day

Emergency Response

Not only get notified when there’s an emergency, but also help first responders know who is and isn’t safe.

How does Radar 

Compete with LiDAR?

In this eBook, we discuss new innovations for the UAV industry and dive into a comparison between LiDAR and RADAR.

Ainstein makes RADAR systems smarter, more affordable and easier to deploy. For years, cost, weight and performance constraints have hindered the wider adoption of RADAR. Ainstein makes RADAR systems accessible to everyone by overcoming these constraints.  

  • Does LiDAR work in Rain?
  • Does LiDAR see through walls?
  • Why does Elon Musk not like LiDAR?


Intersections are active and complex. Traffic flow, particularly within downtown environments, is becoming critically important as the number of vehicles on the roads increases. Waiting times at red lights need to be as short as possible and accidents should be minimized, but legacy technologies—such as inductive loops—have limitations on the type and amount of data that can be collected.

Ainstein’s advanced radar systems monitor the speed and distance of vehicles and provide comprehensive traffic information in real-time. By measuring velocity, range, angle and elevation, our solution precisely localizes and distinguishes objects to determine which lanes they occupy. The radar-based data provides rich environmental data, offering significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control.

90% Accuracy for volume, average speed, occupancy, gap, and queue length. 

Applications include:


  • Traffic Light & Signal Control
  • Wrong Way Detection
  • Red Light Enforcement
  • Traffic Monitoring & Statistics
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Detection
  • Junction Management


The accurate and real-time perception of vehicles via robust sensors is the key to enabling smart transportation management systems. One of the benefits of radar sensing is that it works effectively in all weather conditions unlike other perception technologies such as camera, ultrasonic, and LiDAR.

Ainstein’s WAVY radars use proprietary antenna arrays, advanced signal processing and target recognition, and classification algorithms to achieve highly accurate distance, speed, and angle measurements for detected, and tracked vehicles and pedestrians.



Tunnel monitoring is a critical yet complicated component of modern intelligent transportation systems. Because of the unique structure and environment of tunnels, they pose many challenges for effective sensing and awareness, causing other solutions—such as video—to struggle with false alarms caused by dust, insects, reflections and more.

Ainstein has successfully deployed tunnel monitoring across the globe enabling systems automation to detect and alert on incidents such as stopped or slow vehicles and traffic. Incident detection saves lives and provides awareness to traffic management when they need it most.  

Ainstein’s ITS sensing solutions are not affected by lighting conditions and are extremely robust to adverse conditions such as fog, dust, snow, and smoke—making them the optimal solution for tunnel incident detection. Our sensors assist in monitoring, controlling, and managing the daily maintenance and operation of the tunnel by leveraging specialized algorithms and advanced anti-multipath interference techniques to achieve all-weather, highly reliable, high-precision ultra-long-range detection and understanding.

Applications include:


  • Tunnel Maintenance & Operation
  • Traffic Monitoring & Statistics
  • Critical Event Recognition
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Detection
  • Hazard Identification & Alerts
  • Situational Awareness
  • Emission Reduction Strategies

WAYV: Mid-Range mmWave IoT Sensor

Ainstein’s Mid-Range mmWave IoT Sensor is an enabler to see up to 300 meters in all weather conditions. This is important for applications such as traffic management, smart intersection control, or outdoor surveillance and security.


Application Overview

ITS radar road tunnel

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