Beyond CES: What to Expect from Ainstein in 2020


Last week, around 200,000 attendees—a blend of manufacturers, retailers, technology buyers, and media—flew to Las Vegas to interact with robots, try a few virtual reality demos and assess the latest radar technology. 

We held demos of two new mmWave radar sensors with breakthrough capabilities at this year’s show. One demonstration showcased a sensor designed to work in a variety of overhead stationary applications; ideal for traffic management, surveillance and security, space utilization, and building automation. The other sensor advances vehicular access technologies that are currently on the market and is the first of many sensors specifically designed for the automotive industry. Both demonstrations received praise from investors and media alike and our recently announced joint venture with ADAC Automotive was dubbed “A genius partnership” by Plastics News.

The crowds are gone, our feet are tired and another successful CES is in the books. But the year is just getting started – and so are we! This year, Ainstein is looking forward to accelerating product development, manufacturing and distribution of radar sensor technology for the automotive market under our new joint venture, RADAC Automotive. We recognize the potential for our radar technology to be successful in the automotive industry and believe the strategic joint venture will streamline the process of bringing intelligent products to market.

Additionally, Ainstein will continue to reinvent how radar technology can be deployed to supplement and replace other technologies, as well as how it can enable new applications entirely. We kicked off 2020 with our WAYV IoT sensing solutions announced at CES. This family of short-, mid- and long-range sensors have superior range, resolution, and field-of-view. Unlike existing sensors that use ultrasonic or other technologies, installers may deploy WAYV sensors behind the ceiling, improving aesthetics and reducing privacy concerns. 

2020 is off to a smart start and we’re looking forward to sharing our additional technological advancements with all of you. Stay tuned!

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