Why Integrators

Choose Ainstein 

6 reasons why manufacturers, integrators, and innovators chose Ainstein over other sensing companies.

Ainstein vs Traditional Sensing Solutions
IoT Radar

IoT Sensors & Automation

Enabling near real-time decision-making and signal processing in advanced building automation use cases such as occupancy detection, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and more.


collision detection radar vehicle

Self-Driving Vehicle Sensors

Ainstein offers short range, wideband, high resolution automotive radar sensors built with Ainstein’s cutting edge radar technologies. It is built on RF-CMOS IC technology allowing for ultra low power consumption and low unit cost.


Aerospace Drone and UAV Radar Altimeter

Drone & UAV Sensors

Have you tried to land or fly your vehicle in stormy weather? Do you fly over lakes or oceans often? Do you have a permit to fly in cloudy conditions, but want added safety assurance?



ROS Radar IoT

Workbench: ROS & SPORTS

While Ainstein is very proud of our product offering today, so much of what we do is focused on the new ways radar sensing can make the world a better place to live.



Ainstein makes radar Sensing Solutions accessible to Everyone

For years, cost, weight and performance constraints have hindered the wider adoption of radar sensing.

Radar Sensing product and solutions

How Ainstein Radar sensing compares to alternative sensing solutions:




Traditional Radar





Near Optical



Sensing approach


Active scanning




Function Feature





Sensing Range














Volume Production

3-5 years







The PIR infrared human motion sensor is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it cannot detect stationary people. When the people in the room have limited motion or do not move, it will cause detection errors. In addition, large changes to an air conditioner, ventilation fan, and temperature difference between indoor and outdoor rooms can cause false alarms.

Infrared ranging sensors are generally installed above the toilet seat and determine whether someone is occupied by the change of ranging. The disadvantage of this scheme is that the range is short, the accuracy is low, and the recognition of objects is not accurate. This is why it is prone to false alarms and the installation height is limited to 2 meters.

The single-point ranging laser sensor  is a relatively novel sensing method, similar to the infrared ranging sensor. It is also installed directly above the toilet to detect the change in the distance of the obstacle to determine whether it is occupied. The problem of the single-point ranging laser sensor is that the detection range is small and it can only cover the area of ​​the 3-5cm radius circle directly below the sensor. Therefore, when personnel deviates from the outside, the detection will be invalid. In addition, this will also bring challenges to the actual project layout, because there are usually other facilities such as lights, exhaust fans, etc. above the toilet, resulting in more requirements and restrictions in actual construction.

How Ainstein is Different


All-Weather Radar Accuracy


The only provider offering a full radar detection system portfolio


Reduced packaging

The Global Leader of mmWave radar sensing since 2015

Pending and approved patents in radar architecture, signal processing, and antenna design

Global customers in drones, aviation, sports, IoT, and automotive industries

Series A With Doosan Bobcat

Doosan Bobcat first announced a strategic partnership with Ainstein in June 2020 to identify forward-looking solutions to help equipment owners and operators maximize productivity, efficiency and safety through innovation and technology. This latest strategic investment is designed to generate several shared-value benefits between the companies and customers.

Doosan Bobcat North America and Ainstein will further collaborate to create next-generation radar sensor solutions to detect objects on job sites when using Bobcat equipment. The radar system developed by Ainstein collects object position data — like range, azimuth, elevation and doppler information — to provide real-time alerts to operators by incorporating a combination of mmWave radar, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence. This technology will enable obstacle avoidance solutions and future technologies that support autonomous operations.

Read the full announcement here.

“Ainstein has shown the technical capabilities and commitment to customize industry-leading solutions for Bobcat. We look forward to a strong partnership to bring the latest innovation to empower our customers to accomplish more.”

Joel Honeyman

Vice President of Global Innovation , Doosan Bobcat North America

“I’ve been very satisfied with Ainstein’s radar products. Ainstein is the only drone radar provider on the market with high performance and low price in a single package. I don’t see any other manufacturers with the same capabilities and value.”

Hideki Shibata


“We at Jetpack Aviation are very excited to implement Ainstein’s radar altimeter technology in our Jetpacks because there is no other technology out there that will give us such an accurate and responsive measurement no matter what surface we are flying over. Our main goal is to keep our JetPack as light and compact as possible and Ainstein’s radar altimeter fits perfectly with our vision.”

Boris Jarry

Operations Manager, JetPack Aviation, Inc.


Our radars are  designed for the integrators, product designers and managers of tomorrow. We want to give you the ability to tap new markets and application for more precise and efficient operations.

People Counting

Running business COVID-19

Ideal for offices, gyms, cafes, conference centers/convention centers, police departments, entertainment arenas and more.

Urban Traffic Management

Urban traffic monitoring radar

Enable real-time monitoring of road sections, and areas 24 hours a day

Space Utilization

Social distancing monitoring

Automatically adjust HVAC and lighting systems to prevent interaction at high touchpoint areas.


Radar Expressway management ITS

Tunnel monitoring, improved traffic flow, safety critical event recognition, and even provide insights to help reduce emissions.

Occupancy Detection

Occupancy Detection radar

Access real-time occupancy and utilization of of common amenity space to manage occupancy and maintain social distancing.

Smart Tracking & Industry

Smart tracking radar smart city

Not only get notified when there’s an emergency, but also keep an accurate count of what’s happening during peak hours.