Ainstein’s US-D1 UAV Standard Radar Altimeter Earns FCC Grant of Equipment Authorization

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Enables Autonomous Takeoffs and Landings for UAVs, Features Detailed Terrain Tracking for Agriculture, eVTOL, Logistics, and other Air Mobility Applications

Ainstein, a global leader in designing, developing, and deploying intelligent radar systems for small drones, eVTOL and UAVs, announced today the U.S. FCC has provided the company a Grant of Equipment Authorization for its US-D1 UAV Standard Radar Altimeter. The Authorization ensures that the US-D1 “… operates effectively without causing harmful interference and otherwise complies with the Commission’s rules …” according to the FCC.  

The US-D1 is the most compact radar altimeter for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) available today. It is designed to work in a wide range of environments including mountainous terrain, tree canopies, brush, sand, and over water. It meets the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IP67 standard, meaning it remains functional after being submerged in water up to one meter deep for up to 30 minutes. It is essentially impervious to dust and water.

“Ainstein designed the US-D1 to enhance performance and increase safety and lifespans for UAVs,” said Andrew Boushie, Ainstein’s Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships. “It’s high-performance, compact form factor, and durability makes it a must-have mmWave radar sensor for any rugged UAV application.”

Key features of the US-D1 include:

  • Highly accurate and smooth above-the-ground altitude reading, especially over water, grass, brush and other challenging environments,
  • Same high-performance in low-light or no light conditions, such as rain, fog, darkness and more,
  • Customer-proven for accurate terrain tracking commonly required for precision agriculture,
  • Essential for BVLOS UAV operation, ensuring safe autonomous take off and autonomous landing,
  • More reliable altitude readouts due to increases in processing power,
  • Ability to include multiple US-D1 altimeters without cross-radar interference for sensor redundancy configuration or sensor multiplexing for enhanced detection.

The US-D1 radar altimeter, is Ainstein’s third generation compact radar altimeter.  Ainstein’s compact radar altimeter products set a new standard for those looking for small, affordable, and reliable radar-based sensing solutions.  Ainstein’s sensors are desired and trusted by clients across most regions of the world.

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