Ainstein Releases Next Generation Object Detection Radar for Drones

SRD-D1_RADAR from Ainstein

Ainstein Inc., the leader in smart radar systems, has released its next generation object detection radar sensor for drones, the SRD-D1.

Coming in at the size of an iPhone 5, the new SRD-D1 is the world’s smallest airborne object detection radar sensor. With physical space and weight constraints as critical considerations for drone service providers, the SRD-D1 leaves more space for specialized sensors on board drones.

As part of an integrated detect and avoid (DAA) solution, the SRD-D1 object detection radar sensor is vital for diverse applications requiring precise, real-time situational awareness for small- and medium-sized drones. These applications may range from last-mile drone delivery of goods to end-consumers, inspection of civil infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, or railroads, and agricultural crop health monitoring and application of fertilizer and pesticide. In each of these cases, detecting and avoiding buildings, light poles, the ground surface, and more is critical to maintain the drone within safe operating space.

SRD-D1_RADAR from Ainstein

Ainstein’s new SRD-D1 supports DAA abilities through detection of relative position, range, and speed of obstacles. Additionally, the SRD-D1 object detection radar — like all radar sensors — suffers no degradation of performance in adverse conditions such as fog, rain, snow, blowing dust, or above water, owing to the fact that radar uses mmWave frequencies rather than light.

Remarking on the SRD-D1, Andrew Boushie, Ainstein’s Vice President – Strategy and Partnerships said “The new SRD-D1 object detection radar keeps Ainstein at the forefront of the global market for smart radar systems in drones, and other autonomous vehicles. We’re proud to consistently lead the industry in radar sensor SWAP-C. The SRD-D1 furthers our mission of making advanced radar systems available to everyone – not only large military and scientific research programs.”

Ainstein was founded in 2015 to bring advanced radar systems technologies to a diverse array of industries and applications that historically haven’t been heavily utilized the technology, including automotive, specialty vehicles, security, smart buildings and smart cities, and more.

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