Ainstein Introduces 79 GHz Automotive Short Range Radar T-79

T-79 from Ainstein Automotive Safety Device RadarAinstein is proud to announce the availability of evaluation samples of its new 79 GHz CMOS Automotive Safety Radar, the T-79. The T-79 is a next-generation short range, wideband (76GHz – 81GHz), high resolution automotive radar sensor built with Ainstein’s cutting edge radar technologies. It is another ground-breaking innovation resulting from close collaborations between Ainstein and Texas Instruments.

Ainstein’s T-79 Short Range Radar is built on RF-CMOS IC technology, allowing for ultra low power consumption and unit cost. The highly integrated hardware design paired with Ainstein’s proprietary advanced radar signal processing algorithms makes it capable of high resolution 360° detection when multiple units are configured on the vehicle. This allows for semi-autonomous or fully autonomous driving.

Its high spatial resolution supports the detection of cyclists or pedestrians in front and on the side of the vehicle, enabling warning or assist brake functions. The blind spot monitoring (BSD) function observes the adjacent lane, helping to avoid lane change collisions with traffic at approximately the same velocity. The lane change assistance (LCA) function, which observes the adjacent lane in the area behind the host vehicle, helps to avoid lane change collisions with approaching traffic. The rear cross traffic alert (RCTA) function observes the area behind the vehicle, helping to avoid collisions with traffic when driving in reverse.

Compared to existing automotive radars on the market, Ainstein’s T-79 short range Automotive Safety Radar offers one of the market’s highest range resolution, faster update rates, CAN-FD data link options, and is 30% smaller, making it a top solution for the implementation of sensor fusion for ADAS and self-driving applications.

Ainstein’s 79 GHz Automotive Radar is highly customizable for diverse applications. Ainstein can deliver custom solutions including custom radar specifications, data output options such as point cloud data or raw detection data, and custom data formats to allow for low level sensor fusion with complementary sensors.

With Ainstein’s 77 GHz Automotive Long Range Radar (Kanza-77) and the 79 GHz Short Radar (T-79), Ainstein’s portfolio offers a complete range of next generation automotive radar products. This portfolio allows automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and complementary sensor providers to gain complete access to the safety features the latest radar advancement offers.  

If you’re interested in seeing a live product demonstration, Ainstein will be hosting a Public Product Release event at the AUTOMOBILI-D conference during the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center in Detroit from January 14th-21st, 2018.  

Ainstein is actively seeking partners to bring advanced radar safety to additional markets. Please visit or send an inquiry to for additional information.

T-79 Demonstration in Beijing, China

T-79 Demonstration in KS, U.S.A

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