Ainstein Inc. solves the “rough terrain problem” in precision agriculture with new offering

The way agriculture works is changing rapidly, thanks to modern technology.

Acclaimed radar sensing technology company Ainstein Inc. joins this new agricultural revolution, with the announcement of its High Precision Crop Monitoring Drone.

Ainstein’s High Precision Crop Monitoring Drone enables farm managers to significantly improve their efficiency. Using special multispectral imaging and processing techniques, farm operations managers can use this technology to identify and target problem areas of their fields and focus their time, money, and labor on these areas. Through so doing, they can reduce labor hours and the use of water, fertilizer, and pesticide, while simultaneously improving crop quality and yield through early disease detection and supporting better plant health.

Agricultural operations of all types and sizes can benefit from Ainstein’s High Precision Crop Monitoring Drone, including vineyards, olive groves, tea farms, fruit and nut orchards, as well as row crops such as wheat, corn, soybeans, and others.

Growers whose fields are in hilly, mountainous, cliffside, and other rough terrain will see the most striking benefits from Ainstein’s High Precision Crop Monitoring Drone. Current predictive crop health algorithms require constant above the crop readings of a field. Most existing commercial solutions are unable to maintain the constant and precise above crop elevations needed for accurate sensor readings to feed to these algorithms.

Ainstein’s High Precision Crop Monitoring Drone solves this problem by leveraging its proprietary UAV radar altimeter, allowing a drone to maintain a constant above crop elevation, regardless of the terrain.

Additionally, Ainstein has partnered with renowned commercial imaging technology firm MicaSense to seamlessly incorporate its groundbreaking multispectral RedEdge-M sensor into agricultural management drones. The RedEdge-M sensor enables farm managers to see what the human eye can’t, helping to identify and reduce the spread of disease, assess the success of nutrient applications, spot stress, and track changes over time.

Ainstein continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in precision agriculture. Ainstein has partnered with agricultural drone spraying companies and will soon offer an integrated drone-based pesticide spray solution, enabling farm managers to move from monitoring to active treatment. Keep up with Ainstein for more on this exciting, soon-to-come development.

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