Ainstein at Nvidia AI & Deep Learning GPU Technology Conference


Last week in Silicon Valley, Nvidia hosted its industry-leading AI & Deep Learning GPU Technology Conference. Tech giants such as IBM, Cisco, and AWS were in attendance, as were today’s most promising tech startups – including Ainstein Inc.!


Nvidia has proven time and again to be at the forefront of visual computing technology, and it’s clear from last week that this title is more than safe. The conference was abuzz with new ideas for how technology, and specifically AI, is already making the world a better place.


Ainstein was pleased to be a part of the gathering, coming home with fresh ideas, practices and techniques to apply to its own business.

In particular, Ainstein‘s engineers were excited to have the opportunity to gain hands-on workshop experience with Nvidia’s automotive AI platform, DRIVE PX. DRIVE PX is enabling pioneering new achievements for autonomous vehicle applications, and is directly relevant to Ainstein’s own autonomous vehicle product offerings. Ainstein also joined in machine learning and deep learning workshops to augment its own expertise in these areas.


Of course, workshops are only part of the story at any conference. Ainstein also built great connections with other companies whose goals are strategically aligned with Ainstein’s — Ainstein’s very own Andrew Megaris even had the honor to meet Nvidia’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang!


Are you exploring autonomous vehicle applications? Ainstein can be your trusted technology partner. Let’s talk!


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