Ainstein Announces Grand Opening of A New Factory Geared Towards ADAS Radar

Ainstein Factory at work
Ainstein’s 77 GHz mm-wave automotive radar production line is ready for mass production

Shanghai, China. Ainstein held a ribbon-cutting ceremony this afternoon at the Jiading Manufacturing Facility in Shanghai, officially announce the facility is operational and geared to the mass production of the 77 GHz millimeter-wave automotive radar sensors. The factory is IATF16949 certified for the automotive industry.

“We are looking forward to the mass production of the 77GHz millimeter-wave automotive radar, which is the second generation of our T-series short-range radar, and is also designed for mass production and in strict accordance with the standards of the automotive industry. The application of the new generation of radar is a milestone for Ainstein, a Muniu Technology company.” Dr. Joe Liu, Chief Radar Technologist, continued, “Automobile radar is a key component of driving safety and requires extremely high reliability. Since 2017, the Ainstein team has carried out several design optimizations and a large number of test and validation on this radar to ensure its excellent performance and high reliability in different applications. The final production line design combined with product features optimized to meet the stringent requirements of customers for mass production and product quality.”

The T-79 77 GHz radar is a short-range radar with a maximum range of 100 meters. It has a larger transmission bandwidth, a more advanced antenna array structure, and more complex radar waveforms and algorithm processing techniques compared to its earlier editions. It achieves accurate perception of the surrounding environment of the vehicle body, in addition to meeting the basic angle radar BSD blind zone detection, it can also integrate LCA lane change assistance, RCA rear collision warning, DOW door opening warning, CTA cross traffic warning and other advanced ADAS functions. Ainstein is also working with customers to customize T79 per customer applications, and optimize the T79 in different scenarios (such as assisted driving, ADAS L1/L2/ Performance under L3, automatic parking, etc.).

“With the completion of the Jiading Manufacturing Facility and the fully automated production line, and the core management team in place, we have a mature quality management system, supply chain management system, and project development process that meet and exceed the expectations of  automotive customers, ” said Mr. Hu Bo, Director of Production and Quality of Ainstein. Before Ainstein, Mr. Hu Bo had served as the head of production line automation for several Fortune 500 companies.

Ainstein plans to continue to increase its investment to increase the production capacity in the next three years to meet customers’ demand for high-performance, high-reliability 77GHz radar products.

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