Ainstein Announces Full Support for Customizable Building Automation Applications Using Texas Instruments’ 60-GHz mmWave Sensors

Ainstein (, a leader in intelligent radar systems, today announced an antenna and board design for 60-GHz mmWave radar over-the-door sensors (ODS) using Texas Instruments’ IWR6843 family of devices. With Ainstein’s innovative radar system design, customization, and manufacturing capabilities, building automation designers can now leverage TI’s new 60-GHz mmWave sensors in overhead mounting positions for highly customized applications. This combination enables near real-time decision-making and signal processing in advances building automation use cases such as occupancy detection and management of HVAC, smart security lighting and fire safety systems.

In a common building automation scenario, sensors mounted overhead can count the number of people in a room and adjust the HVAC system and lighting accordingly to ensure the optimal balance of comfort and cost savings. Because the sensors do not include cameras, there are no identification or privacy concerns. Another application for overhead mmWave radar sensors is the management and allocation of meeting space in large facilities or at conferences, where building staff can better manage scheduling of meeting rooms from a reception desk or central command station.

The 60-GHz frequency band is ideal for these building automation applications, as it enables sensors to accurately sense the range, velocity and angle of objects in a scene. The 60-GHz band enables expanded use of mmWave technology, while providing the high resolution needed for industrial environments.

“We are working with TI to assist companies developing exciting new products that rely on a high-performance sensing signal,” said Andrew Boushie, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships at Ainstein. “Industrial automation applications require a high degree of precision to perform tasks such as identifying the number of objects in a field of view, determining their location and classifying them. The 60-GHz band provides significantly more bandwidth for this type of processing than other bands that have been tested.”

To get started evaluating TI 60-GHz mmWave sensors, the ODS evaluation module enabling overhead-mounted building automation applications will be available for purchase starting in December on

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