Ainstein AI selected as the opening speaker at Smart City Tech Summit Technology Showcase

Ainstein AI was honored by being invited as the opening speaker in the 2017 Smart City Tech Summit’s Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase, held October 18, 2017 in Kansas City, MO. The conference brought together leading technology companies, developers, public safety professionals, and elected officials in the central US region. During the conference, Ainstein AI painted a picture of the future of public safety — one enabled by autonomous vehicles and innovative communication networks.

Ainstein AI’s sensors and control products are already beginning to enable such a reality, one in which autonomous vehicles and drones are safer and more reliable, and their capabilities are expanding. Public safety agencies and officials are increasingly interested in and deploying Ainstein technologies to protect citizens and public assets, and to make their dangerous jobs safer. Fire departments are already using drones to detect; search and rescue agencies are using drones to locate people who need assistance; law enforcement agencies are using drones to and remotely-piloted robotic vehicles to check for hazardous substances. Public transport agencies are using Ainstein technology enabled autonomous vehicles to improve the safety of highway workers.

Applications of autonomous vehicles and drones to public safety are only now gaining wider traction. Ainstein AI’s technologies feature industrial-level redundancy, reliability, and flexibility enabled by FPGA architecture, and ARM processing. In coming years Ainstein AI’s technologies will continue to give public safety agencies confidence that the machines they deploy to the field are safe, reliable, and secure from unauthorized control.

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